Logo Design is Important

July 8, 2021
July 8, 2021 Brian Kear

When you’re considering all of the factors that go into building a business, creating a logo might not seem like a top priority. 

So, why is a logo important? Because it grabs attention, makes a strong first impression, is the foundation of your brand identity, provides brand recognition, and fosters brand loyalty (devotion).

Logos are the graphic extension of the internal realities of a company.
– Saul Bass 

Logo Design is Important

Grab Attention

Attention spans are short these days. Perhaps none more relevant in regard to consumers’. In a recent study conducted by Microsoft, they concluded the average person’s attention span was 12 seconds. In other words, you have just seconds to convince potential customers that your products or services are worth any consideration.

A logo can quickly grab the attention of a consumer and communicate a company’s core values in an interesting way. That short attention span can work to your advantage, if you have a well designed logo.

First Impression

A logo is often one of the first things a consumer correlates with a brand. If designed well, it can evoke interest and persuade them to learn more about the company. Conversely, a non-existent or unrefined logo misses the chance to create a strong first impression or can alienated a potential customer.

This first impression is your way to immediately communicate ownership over the product(s) or service(s) you sell or offer.

Brand Foundation

Successful branding is about telling a story that will elicit emotion and create customer connection. And, while it’s true that logo design is only a part of a company’s brand, it serves as the foundation for the entire narrative on which the brand is built.

Colors, tones, fonts – all of this is determined by the story you’re trying to tell, and your logo sets the stage for this story. These elements will later translate from your logo onto all of your branding materials – letterheads, business cards, landing pages, etc. In turn, creating a concrete, marketable brand identity.


Logos are a point of identification. They’re the symbol that customers use to recognize your brand. Ideally, you’ll want people to instantly connect the sight of your logo with the memory of what your company does – and, more importantly, how it makes them feel.

A good logo is a visual, aesthetically pleasing element. A well designed logo will develop positive vibes about your brand that the name of your company alone might not. In some cases, a person might forget the name of your business, but a good logo can create an instant connection with their memories of your brand.


As your brand grows, your logo is going to become more familiar to a wide range of consumers, and this awareness creates brand loyalty or devotion through familiarity.

Give it some thought: We all have favorite brands. The sight of one of those logos can garner excitement and trigger emotion. For many, an Apple logo generates instant anticipation of an innovative new product.

Once they like you, your customers are going to seek you out again and again – and your logo is the thing they’ll look for first.

Final Thoughts

A logo is a vital part of building a successful business and brand. In some instances, you might not have a logo or perhaps you have a logo but it is in need of improvement. In either case, we’re happy to assist with questions or guidance. Send me an email: hello@briankear.com or hit me up on the social.


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